10 Most-Popular Recipes of 2015

10 Most-Popular Recipes of 2015

It’s time for the AltonBrown.com Top 10 Recipe List of 2015. And guess what … it’s nothing like 2014.

10. Semi-Instant Pancakes: Do you remember making your first batch of pancakes? I do. And if you make this recipe, you’ll never forget either.

9. Hummus: I promise this hummus recipe will beat any store-bought version you’ve ever had.

8. 10 Knife Buying Tips: OK. This is technically not a recipe. But you need good knives/ knife techniques to cook.

7. Best-Ever Green Bean Casserole: This is my version of the classic and if you ask me it should be made multiple times a year, not just for Thanksgiving.

6. The Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie: This is my hack of the most famous cookie recipe in the world. Drops microphone.

5. Christmas Soup: This was the most-popular recipe in 2014 and while I’m glad to see it on the list, I’m glad my fans are changing things up with a new number one. Despite being a personal holiday tradition, truth is this soup is a fall and winter wonder that takes full advantage of my favorite sausage product in the world: kielbasa.

4. Aged Eggnog: This recipe has a lot of booze in it, but the longer the nog ages, the more mellow it gets. So put a reminder on your calendar now for 2016 to make a batch in time for the holidays next year.

3. Private Cheeseburger: If I found out the world was about to end, I’d calmly walk into the kitchen and make this cheeseburger. 

2. Overnight Cinnamon Rolls: Why go through the trouble to make these yourself? Because this kind of power should be in the hands of the people.

1. Homemade Marshmallows: Once you go homemade, you’ll never go back. And that’s simply why this recipe took the new number one spot on AltonBrown.com.


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  2. 8

    I had an Alton Brown Christmas this year. I made a lot of your recipes including the Christmas Soup and the Semi-Instant Pancakes. You are a genius.

  3. 9

    I’m honestly dissapointed in this list. I’m seeing a lot of seasonal fall or holiday sweets. What happened to meats, mushrooms and veggies outside of a casserole?! I know you can do better my love.

    • 10

      It’s a list of “most popular” recipes. There will always be Holiday recipes on a list like this because that is when most people view/download recipes.

  4. 11

    I actually started making my own marshmallows long before I heard of Alton’s, but I’m glad his recipe is #1. I have been a fan of Mr. Brown’s for many years, and i think “Good Eats” should be required viewing for every high schooler. They’d learn math, physics, biology, history, anthropology, botany and culture. And have something tasty to take home every day!

  5. 12

    Love you Alton, and love your recipes and how you explain how to cook, etc. I have learned more from you than others! Hope you have a great new year!

  6. 13

    Great list! My son just made his first batch of pancakes using the tips from your GE pancake episode (they were terrific with fresh strawberry jam). Have a happy and delicious new year!

  7. 15

    We have always been fans of Alton’s. My daughter has started using your recipes and watching your videos. She made marshmallows this year to give as gifts. This was the best I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for inspiring a new generation of cooks.

  8. 18

    Love love the overnight cinnamon roll recipe. Used it LAST Christmas and EASTER and just because. It seems tho that I have more than a few AB recipes to catch up on! Cheera

  9. 21
    Sue L

    We make the hummus all the time. That page (381) in my Good Eats 3 book is not as clean as it once was, with a 1.5 recipe written in as well as dried chick pea prep post-it. One of the few recipes where I make no alterations. It is our favorite!

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