#ABRoadEats Spring 2017: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

#ABRoadEats Spring 2017: Calling All Fans for Recommendations

If you’re a follower, you may remember #ABRoadEats, the program which encouraged fans to nominate places for me to nosh as I toured the country for my live culinary variety show. From morning coffee to late night snacks and everything in between, I respected your wishes and have about 20 extra pounds to prove it. Well, we’re hitting the road again with the Eat Your Science 2017 Spring Tour and once again I’m in need of your gustatory guidance. For every city on the schedule I’ll be looking for coffee joints, casual eateries and perfect places for late night after-show snacks. Leave your recommendations in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget to include the appropriate hashtag for the city you are recommending for, so that I can ultimately give credit where it’s due:

Bakersfield, CA: #ABRoadEatsBakersfield

Santa Barbara, CA: #ABRoadEatsSBA

San Luis Obispo, CA: #ABRoadEatsSBP

Los Angeles, CA: #ABRoadEatsLAX

San Francisco, CA: #ABRoadEatsSF

Fresno, CA: #ABRoadEatsFresno

Modesto, CA: #ABRoadEatsModesto

Davis, CA: #ABRoadEatsDavis

Eugene, OR: #ABRoadEatsEUG

Seattle, WA: #ABRoadEatsSEA

Portland, OR: #ABRoadEatsPDX

Bellingham, WA: #ABRoadEatsBLI

Spokane, WA: #ABRoadEatsSpokane

Boise, ID: #ABRoadEatsBOI

Salt Lake City, UT: #ABRoadEatsSLC

Denver, CO: #ABRoadEatsDEN

Colorado Springs, CO: #ABRoadEatsCOS

Sioux City, IA: #ABRoadEatsSUX

Rockford, IL: #ABRoadEatsRFD

Cleveland, OH: #ABRoadEatsCLE

East Lansing, MI: #ABRoadEatsLAN

Milwaukee, WI: #ABRoadEatsMKE

St. Louis, MO: #ABRoadEatsSTL

Fort Meyers, FL: #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers

Fort Lauderdale, FL: #ABRoadEatsFLL

Sarasota, FL: #ABRoadEatsSarasota

Tampa, FL: #ABRoadEatsTPA

Orlando, FL: #ABRoadEatsORL

Jacksonville, FL: #ABRoadEatsJAX

Birmingham, AL: #ABRoadEatsBirm

New Orleans, LA: #ABRoadEatsNOLA

Houston, TX: #ABRoadEatsHOU

Austin, TX: #ABRoadEatsAUS

Dallas, TX: #ABRoadEatsDallas

Oklahoma City, OK: #ABRoadEatsOKC

Madison, WI: #ABRoadEatsMSN

Indianapolis, IN: #ABRoadEatsIND

Evansville, IN: #ABRoadEatsEVV

Iowa City, IA: #ABRoadEatsIOW

Des Moines, IA: #ABRoadEatsDSM

Green Bay, WI: #ABRoadEatsGRB




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  1. 8

    Try some suburban #AbroadEatsMan (no pun intended – but accepted) in Manchester, NH. Quite a few good places like Cotton, Firefly, The Foundry, 900 Degrees, etc. also try another out of the way nice college town called Keene, NH #AbroadEatsKEE!

  2. 9

    Kings Kitchen downtown fort Myers the only place That a Chef like me would refer to people. Its atmosphere and food make it one of the top bucket list places to visit #KingsKitchen #ABRoadEatsFtMyers

  3. 11
    Kelly Rose

    If you come to Ft. Myers definitely stop at #KingsKitchen! Amazing food, service and atmosphere! The knish and Cuban sandwich are fantastic! #AbroadeatsFtMeyers

  4. 13
    Jessica Parker

    Definitely Kings Kitchen in downtown Ft Myers! Unique, eclectic atmosphere and an excellent menu with a vide variety of dishes. I’d recommend the famous BBQ sundae or my personal favorite, steak tacos.

  5. 14

    #ABRoadEatsFresno Sakura Chaya is a teppan yaki restaurant with amazing eats. But the key is to order Hot n Spicy sauce with your meal. It’s basically liquid gold. It makes everything taste Amazing. I know because they sell it in containers and I have put it on scrambled eggs, fried chicken, bacon, pots stickers just to name a few.
    Another place outside of Fresno in Hanford is a old fashioned ice cream shop called Superior Dairy. It’s delightful ice cream and old fashioned charm are one of a kind. It’s 100th anniversary is coming up in 2019.
    So stoked to see your show in March! Woot woot!

  6. 15

    #ABRoadEatsGRB – just outside Green Bay on Lake Michigan there is a place called Skaliwags. Five star food in a tiny 27 seat restaurant. Fresh Hawaiian seafood, prime steaks, best pastas all with a southern spin! You might wait 3 hours for a seat …if you’re not Alton Brown!

  7. 19

    #ABRoadEatsSBA An hour and a half north of SB in Nipomo there is a steakhouse named Jockos. the steak is to die for. Forget about the sides go caveman.

  8. 22
    Brian Bailey

    Tacovore in Eugene Or. #ABRoadEatsEUG Perhaps the best carnitas preparation EVER. The taco as an art form. Margaritas are excellent, using just juice, a good tequila (or choose your own) and agave syrup.

  9. 23

    #ABRoadeatsIND The Olive Leaf and Peacetree Mountain Truffles in the shoppes at Perry Crossing, Plainfield. Seriously the best truffles you’ve ever seen.

  10. 25

    Bills Cafe in Naples, Florida.
    Everything is made from scratch by Bill. Lots of rock n roll- just a great neighborhood spot.

  11. 27
    Friend of the Blog


    Yats Cajun, Bluebeard, Broad Ripple Bagel Deli, La Chinita Poblano, Taste of Havana, Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee

  12. 28
    Rachel M.


    Casual Eatery: Yats – great local chain of cajun food. So tasty, so cheap! Taste of Havana is another great spot in Broad Ripple. The Cuban is to die for.

    Coffee: Calvin Fletcher’s in Fletcher Place can’t be beat.

  13. 29
    Stacey Spencer

    #ABRoadEatsIND please check out Chef Mike’s Charcoal Grill on Indy’s Northwest side. Buffalo brussel sprouts and mushroom brushetta are favorite starters. But the true reason to go is his burgers. Juicy and full of flavor from the grill. His homemade BBQ sauce is really special too.

  14. 32

    Non-late light options:
    Locally owned neighborhood meat market Goose the Market – order a Goose sandwich at the counter and eat it at a picnic table outside. Then, if they’re open, stop by the Koelship next door for a beer, or even bring your sandwich inside.
    Or if you’re in Broad Ripple and in the mood for mussels and frites, or even crepes, Brugge Brasserie is fantastic and laid back. Try the Triple de Ripple (just one!).
    246 Good Eats episodes taking up space on my DVR.

  15. 33
    J.D. Wampler

    Mug&Bun in Speedway, seriously huge onion rings and “drive up” Indiana fried port tenderloins.
    If you are willing to go outside Marion county, try The Friendly tavern in Zionsville, great tenderloins, broasted potatoes, and broasted wings!


  16. 34


    For casual eats/lunch you can’t miss the experience of the City Market. Circle City Soups is the truth with their rotating menu of soups, salads and sandwiches. Their sauces are what keep me coming back every time without ever glancing at another stall.

    Cafe – there is Mile Square Coffee Roastery on the second story of the City Market that I always grab a espresso from

    After Show Eats – Downtown Ollie’s is open 24/7 and has the best peanut sauce and egg rolls I’ve had in town. It is an alternative bar but it’s open and welcoming with a wonderful menu. I highly reccomend The Super Bowl- a mountain of breakfast goodness served still on the skillet

    Enjoy your time here in Indy!
    – Erin

  17. 35

    #ABRoadEatsIND – You have to check out Open Society at 46th and College. Not far from Clowes Hall and perfect any time of day. Coffee, drinks, and the FOOD.

  18. 36
    Brian Long

    World Market in Castleton. Quirky Asian Grocery Story with a lunch counter and limited seating. Great sushi and noodle options.

  19. 37


    For post show snacks, you must go to Thunderbird in Fountain Square. It is one of Indy’s blossoming food neighborhoods. They do a good job of coming up with seasonal menu items.

    Coffee shops – Tinker coffee, & Calvin Fletcher’s coffee company are two of my favorite places downtown.

    Casual dining – Give Tinker Street, Twenty Tap, Festiva or The Rathskellar a try. All of them local, all of them great in their own way.

    I hope you enjoy Indy.



  20. 38

    For #ABRoadEatsIND : Yay, someone else brought up the Rathskeller! I thought I was all alone on that!

    What do Indy residents think of the food “stalls” at Indianapolis City Market? I’ve only been to the Tap Room up there, but some have recommended I try it.

    Alton’s been to Jockomo’s, which I’d rec, but how about Bazbeaux? I liked them as well.

    Here’s one I never see anyone recommend, but that I thought was a decent stop: The Legend Classic Irvington Café. Yeah, it’s not a blow-your-socks-off place, but it *is* a durn good lunch or dinner stop that doesn’t break your wallet, yet tastes a couple of steps above a place that doesn’t break your wallet.

    Also: What do folks think about Rook? It’s right down the street from Milktooth right on the Cultural Trail, so it’s an easy second stop if that place makes the list. Plus, it’s right next door to Tappers Arcade Bar for some good old stand up arcade games nostalgia.

  21. 43
    Christina Liu

    #ABRoadEatsORL Taste of Jamaica has the best jerk chicken hands-down! Also their curried goat, ackee and salt fish, callaloo are the best I’ve had outside Jamaica. Love their Fried dumplings too!

  22. 44

    When in Indy, stop by Public Greens in the Broad Ripple area followed by a piece of Earls Court Chocolate cake at CakeBake a few blocks away.

  23. 46

    #ABRoadEatsFLL Pocha is an incredible Korean street food place that’s about 20 minutes from the venue. Their ramen nachos are unfairly delicious!

    Additionally, closer to the venue, Temple Street Eatery has great dumplings. Warsaw Coffee has amazing cold brew and the best homemade pop tarts!

  24. 48
    Aubrey Mobley

    #ABRoadEatsSUX I recommend Crazy Bob’s Barbecue at Pierce and 18th, and Jose’s family Restaurant, a little hole in the wall Mexican place at 14th and Pierce. Both are just up the road from the Orpheum Theater.

  25. 49
    Abigail Dolbeer

    #ABRoadEatsIND Pata Chou is amazing. There are multiple locations around the Indy area. Do not leave without visiting this place.

  26. 54

    Go to the City market for a fun experience and check out Circle City Sweets. Amazing croissants and macarons! Cindy is awesome and her husband Roger does Circle City soups right next door. Anything with mushrooms or the corn chowder are excellent! Darn, now I need to go! See you soon! #ABRoadEatsIND

  27. 55

    You have to try Pizzeria Delfina in SF. It’s a neighborhood staple; in a neighborhood that is now full of newly gentrified eats, after 16 years they still manage to be one of the top places to go. Think if NY pizzas and Naples pizzas had a kid together, and were made in a gas oven, but look and taste like they were out of a pizza oven… you’d get a pizzeria Delfina pizza. The chef is a James beard award chef, and their pizzas are constantly getting nominated for awards. If you go, they make a special pizza not on the menu called the Magic Pie. Rumor is a gentleman ordered a margarita but asked for the mozzarella to be replaced with burratta. When he took a bite from the first slice he yelled “this pie is magic!” #ABRoadEatsSF

  28. 57


    Birmingham is a foodie’s city. SO MANY wonderful places to try. Pizza = Post Office Pies in nearby Avondale (will change your pizza life and only a few minutes from the show arena); coffee = Revalator or Octane (also get their chocolate chip cookie while you’re there); after show chill should be Saturn (retro space-themed music nightlife venue complete with classic video and board game collections) or The Garage (hole-in-the-wall vintage garage-turned-bar with great sandwiches and collections of the owner’s stuff packed inside and out of the place. Perfect for if you want great conversation or time alone. Must see.).

    Can’t wait for the show!

    • 58

      Also, Makarios has the best hummus in town and is open all hours. Authentic Mediterranean that is out of this world. (Also highly recommend their soup and fresh juices/smoothies.)

      Have a sweet tooth? Insomnia cookies is a warm cookie delivery service and store open until 3 a.m. – you’re welcome.


  29. 59
    Laurie Montanez

    The Green Chile, La Mirada, CA. Best sopapillas and New Mexico green chile pork around!
    Tom’s Tailgate, La Mirada, CA. Homemade chips for the best, build your own nachos!
    #ABRoadEatsLa Mirada

  30. 67
    Lee Brenneison

    Perk Cup Cafe on Bagley Rd. Berea,OH (minutes away from the airport) offers weekly special that would put any Iron Chef to shame.

  31. 68

    The Daily Eats #ABRoadEatsTPA
    Rocco’s Tacos #ABRoadEatsORL
    Brunch at Copper Tap House #ABRoadEatsJAX
    Maple Bacon donut at Cinotti’s Bakery #ABRoadEatsJAX

  32. 69

    Santa Barbara has great coffee at The French Press where they roast and serve their own brand, Dune coffee. You should visit all 3 locations sinc ethey are different style wise. Wood gives the State St location an old world cafe feeling while the Cota street location has a very sleek modern LA vibe. The Goleta location is a more suburban feel.

    Los Arroyos around the corner on Figueroa St is a family run business with very fresh and tasty Mexican food. Love the friendly staff and willingness to make your order just the way you want it..

    Lilac on State St is the best gluten free bakery with the best chocolate flourless cake. Gluten free while still being good to eat.

    Another good bakery and casual eating place is Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro as well as Crushcakes. I go there for lunch and then I am too full and satisfied that I end up not getting cupcakes!

  33. 70
    Roger Gray

    If you are in greater LA from March to May you should stop in for lunch — but bring your anthropologist — with Clan MacColin at the Renaissance pleasure in Irwindale, just outside of Pasadena. 16th Century Scottish; enjoy a cauldron cooked savory from the main kitchen fire, or a marzipan figure from our kids kitchen; watch those kids explain the safe way to handle a knife to googled-eyed adult guests… help them with morning chores and make butter for your wood oven bread … then quench your thirst with some Shrub, or a home brewed ale. W got a great kilt (9 yards) with your name on it for the day … Might even have a skirret plant you could liberate . Our group is on FB, ask for Roger, The Broom maker . Los Angeles, CA: #ABRoadEatsLAX

  34. 72

    If I had to recommend one place in Madison, it would be 4&20 Cafe and Bakery. Their coffee is great, their chai is the best I’ve ever had, they have handmade poptarts, morning buns, and breakfasts all sourced locally. Their lunches are similarly great! If I had another place to recommend, though, it would be a food cart called The Pickle Jar. This food cart specializes in smoked barbecue and is run by a husband and wife team. Their food is flavorful, and absolutely worth tracking them down for. They will be on the Capitol Square this summer. A third place to try would be Next Door Brewery. They tend to be open for lunch and dinner, have great burgers, delicious and spicy mac and cheese, and have some of the best fries in the city! They also brew their own beer, and do so well. I suggest trying them all!

  35. 74
    Karen Klein

    Green Bay, WI – These are some of my faves: *Karvana Coffeehouse & Cafe* – unique laid-back coffeehouse with a menu of ‘from scratch’ vegetarian fare & baked goods plus a deli; *S.A.L.T* – new American small plates served at this convivial venue with a warm but cool ambiance; *Chefusion* – cozy gastropub offering 2 eclectic menus (1 casual, 1 fine dining); *Whitedog Blackcat Cafe* – arty restaurant dispensing American staples in quirky surroundings
    Can’t wait to see your show!!! -Karen #ABRoadEatsGRB

  36. 75
    Amanda Berry

    #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers – Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe…so good you don’t even care that it’s vegan! If you’re in the mood for something meatier, there is an amazing little Bbq spot on MLK Blvd. and Cranford. Btw, Fort Myers is spelled wrong

  37. 76

    #ABROADEATSCLE Ice cream Joy! Next door to another favorite of yours , Fear’s Confections. My favorite is their avocado orange ice cream. So creamy and delicious. Or strawberry balsamic or any of the ice creams with goat cheese. Yummy!

  38. 79
    Nicole Brenneman

    You definitely need to check out Stein & Vein in Brandon, FL and Datz in Tampa, FL!! Stein & Vein is awesome with a rotating menu that’s always interesting and Datz has the BEST fried green tomatoes! Also, Dough is right next store to Datz and they have amazing desserts.

  39. 80
    Ron S

    Sweet Bean Cafe in Ft Myers. Hands down, bar none, the best breakfast you’ll have on your tour. If I may be so bold as to recommend the Mexican omelette with the hashbrowns, be sure you try the cinnamon swirl toast as well as the jalapeño cornbread. Can’t stand to be writing about it without eating it on the spot. Coffee bar, mimosas with Florida grown OJ, and homemade baked goods to take home for breakfast dessert. Yes, that’s right… dessert after breakfast, before lunch #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers. (Also,I It’s “Myers”) Oh ohh and the french toast, made from the cinnamon swirl bread…

  40. 84

    Los Angeles, CA: #ABRoadEatsLAX
    Brendt’s is one of the best in the country.
    I grew up in New York City and move to LA 8 years ago. This place is a must try! I will even go as far to say best corned beef and pastrami in the USA. I know it’s a big statement but find out for your self. They recently started delivering nation wide.

    19565 Parthenia St
    Northridge, CA 91324
    United States


  41. 85
    Carl Goldman

    Carl – Seithers Seafood-Harahan, La just a few miles west of New Orleans. A very small neighborhood place with outstanding seafood dishes and not to mention great boiled seafood. They have a small bar with an oyster bar attached. Great food and a local favorite.

  42. 86

    One of the best seafood restaurants is located on Birmingham’s South side. Appropriately named the Fish Market you will find an atmosphere filled with almost everything representing the fishing industry from the days of yore. The menu is modestly priced and includes other items as well as fish. Entering, you will find fish swimming around in a tank. (My heart always goes out to them) Just feasting on your surroundings makes this a treat in itself. In the front you will find an array of interesting items, including beautiful copper, spices and a meat market. The restrooms are in the Grecian motif and are most interesting. You will see the giant fish nets along with a vintage looking boat. Our favorite server is Jean. If you tell her anything on your visit she will remember and ask you if ‘whatever’ worked out OK for you. You will find a great sports bar (for whatever) as well. The parking lot is always full but still well worth stopping by. Within a few blocks of the interstate.

  43. 87
    T Lambertus

    #ABRoadEatsSF Gaspare’s Pizza & Italian, and right next door Moscow & Tbilisi Bakery Store. Great family Italian food ( big Meatballs) and dessert next door at an awesome bakery.

  44. 88
    Susan Isakson

    Breakfast: Milo’s City Cafe, Lunch and Snacking: Koi Fusion, Fabulous Reubens and NY deli food including Red Hots: Kenny and Zuke’s. After show noshing, hit any and all of the local brew pubs. #ABRoadEatsPDX

  45. 89

    In Portland you will not be too far from the quirky, yet very tasty, Brunch Box for burgers or breakfast. Can grab a Youcanhascheeseburger 🙂


  46. 91
    Lucy Price-Murofushi

    #ABRoadEatsLAX: Bludsos Bar and Que, on La Brea
    Near Hollywood. Try the Old Fashioned or the Paloma for great drink options. Also the rib tips and lean brisket. Their coleslaw is a great accompaniment . Our group last night was a little 4 year old eating the Mac n cheese and chicken to her daddy and my son chewing down through pounds of two kinds of brisket and rib tips . I ate all three kinds of salad: potato, green and coleslaw with my more modest servings of meats. Seating is picnic table style , napkins are a roll of paper towels on the table. Alton, I’ve watched your programs for years- trust this grandma: it’s a place you shouldn’t miss. The only question is: reg or spicy warmed BBB sauces, or both?

  47. 92
    Laura McNamara

    #ABRoadEatsSTL If driving from KC to STL best coffee @ a gun Shop, H&H Guns in Warrenton. Best doughnut Shop, The Dounut Stop, lines out the door every weekend! Iron Barley, Square One, The Shack and just about anywhere on the Hill

  48. 94

    For a great little Italian hole-in-the-wall where the pastas and sauces are made in-house, check out La Pergoletta in the Los Feliz neighborhood. While in Los Feliz, be sure to go to the iconic Griffith Park Observatory, seen in Rebel Without a Cause (among many others). And the neighborhood is filled with little oddities, such as Holyland Exhibition, a museum that reminds people of Raiders of the Lost Ark #ABRoadEatsLAX

  49. 96
    Irene Lee

    Paradis is an ice cream store from Denmark and they make fantastic ice cream! They have some stores around LA, but not directly in LA. If you’re passing through La Crescenta- Montrose, Monrovia, Valencia, or Santa Ana you should definitely check it out! #ABBroadEatsLAX

  50. 97
    Jackie Morgan

    Check out the Gingerbread House just outside of Milwaukee in a little town called Muskego. Live chickens roam around, delectable pastries, locally roasted coffee. Oh, the cakes… And more!!! Worth more than a peek! A true local gem. #ABRoadEatsMKE

  51. 98

    #ABRoadEatsCLE Rising Star Coffee’s Hingetown location has the best (and most unique) lattes I’ve ever had. My favorite is the Promised Land, made with honey and walnuts. Also, Mabel’s BBQ on E 4th has fantastic Cleveland-style barbecue, which involves Eastern European spices, and also houses an extensive and excellent alcohol selection.

  52. 100
    Lizzie P

    #ABRoadEatsDEN So much to try, so little time. Rosenberg’s Bagels, Babette’s Artisan Bread (inside The Source), Humble Pie Store, To the Wind, Hop Alley, Cart Driver, Williams & Graham, El Taco de Mexico, New Saigon Enjoy!

  53. 101

    In Clearwater another favorite of mine is Paul’s Chicago Pizza. I usually order the small house special pizza with jalapeños … but I also enjoy thier Chicago hot dogs too #ABRoadEatsTPA

  54. 102

    Forgot to add Blue Pan Pizza, in the Highlands neighborhood. It’s the second restaurant for the Telluride based Brown Dog Pizza. I dare you to find better pizza in Denver, CO!

  55. 104
    Cecelia Thomas

    Denver, CO: #ABRoadEatsDEN
    Check out Tocabe, a Native American eatery for their fry read tacos and bison ribs. Sweet Action ice cream for homemade unique sweets.

  56. 108

    Don’t skip out on Idaho. I see that it’s not on your list, but we have more than a few great eateries around here. Boise has Flying Pie!

  57. 110

    #ABRoadEatsSUX – Rebo’s -anything, it’s all great! La Juanita’s – tacos are fabulous! Miles Inn- schooner and Charlie Boy. Stone Bru – coffee

  58. 111

    Pete & Shorty’s Iowa Bistro in Clearwater next to the Original Hooters. Try their Shorty Burgers I order mine double with cheese MOP & add jalapeños.

  59. 112

    ABRoadEats#SF – Chairman Bao. Get the pork belly sandwich on baked bun. The turmeric pickled diakon, with the amazing crispy edged pork belly is unbelievably good!

  60. 115
    Neil bowker

    #abroadeatsslc late night munchies: rancheritos Mexican food, 775 w North temple, SLC, carne asada fries and a large horchata. Breakfast: Penny Ann’s cafe, 1810 s main, SLC, pot of gold w/ heavenly hot cakes. Lunch: Moochies, 232 e 800 s, slc, cheese steak with peppers onions and mushrooms. Dinner: lucky 13, 135 w 1300 s, SLC, nutter butter burger w/bacon, Cajun fries

  61. 116

    Brazas Chicken in Orlando for the Brazas Combo Chicken
    Whole Chicken, Large French Fries and Avocado Salad all served with 4 delicious homemade sauces; Huacatay, Rocoto, Chimichurri, and Mayonesa de Ají

  62. 118
    Kathy Allen

    If you have a craving for some awesome Mexican food while in Davis, please check out Tres Hermanas. I find their enchiladas especially tasty and they make a mean margarita too. #ABroadeatsDavis

  63. 119

    Catfish Dewey’s for jumbo stone crab claws and don’t forget the hush puppies!!! Get there before season ends may15th!

  64. 124
    John Lillywhite

    Alton, Indianapolis has some great places to eat…Goose the Market is at the top of my list if you just want a great sandwich plus they have the best cured meats within a few hundred miles. Also, the Rathskeller, which happens to be across from the theater, is a great place for great German food and beer. (Very traditional beer hall) Last, and my favorite whole in the wall, is only a few blocks from the theater. It is attached to a gas station; always a good sign:) it is called Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles. The chicken is amazing and the peach butter for the waffles and johny cakes is out of this world!
    Good luck! I can’t wait to see you when you come to town. Feel free to reach out if you want a culinary guide in our humble city. It would be the least I could do to repay all the guidance I have received from you!

  65. 125

    Crown Candy Kitchen is a local place with some of the best food in the Midwest. They are renowned for their BLT which uses 1lb of bacon, and their shakes are incredibly tasty! #ABRoadEatsSTL

  66. 126
    Zachary Cook

    Santorini in Deland, just a short drive north of #ABRoadEatsORL. LItterallly the BEST Greek place within 100 miles! I eat here like it’s my religion! Everyone working here is Greek (like me), so I can attest!
    210 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32720

  67. 127

    Looking for the best, most decadent cookie you’ve ever tasted? Gideon’s Bakehouse at East End Market in Orlando, FL. #ABRoadEatsORL

  68. 129
    Christopher Hedges

    Come to The Dapper Pig in Evansville, Indiana. Hip joint in the middle of America specializing in local and fresh New American Cuisine!

  69. 131
    Sister E

    #ABRoadEatsPDX In Portland suberb, Milwaukie…Check out our fav breakfast/lunch site: Bob’s Red Mill. Healthy good eats and darned interesting store/restaurant/mill/cooking school. You may even run into Bob there, or catch him or others at the grand piano upstairs. Shouldn’t be missed.

  70. 133
    Terese S

    #ABRoadEatsPDX. Lincoln. Love that place! And Chef Jen has a gorgeous and very creative recipes in her new cookbook about greens out soon.

  71. 138
    Peggy Chaplinsky

    #ABRoadEatsDSM – Bubba’s! Southern style shrimp and grits and the BEST Chicken and Waffles! Great southern feel and decor. Even has a framed collection of bow ties. More to follow….

  72. 139
    Nancy Loughran

    #ABRoadeatsEUG- You need to visit Sweetlife bakery, it’s open late, amazing cakes, pies, vegan and gluten free treats, I love the lime tart, cloud chocolate cake with whip cream, everything is so tasty there. For delicious healthy, natural foods visit Laughing Planet, they have a yummy mashed potato bowl with corn, broccoli and green beans, I like to get a side of tahini sauce to pour over it.

  73. 140

    #ABRoadEatsCOS Josh and Johns homemade ice cream or BJs Velvet Freeze (Boston Shake). Adams Mountain Cafe for breakfast. The Margarita at Pine Creek multi-course dinners, entertainment, dinner and a movie on Friday nights in the summer and the Clam Jam in August each year.

  74. 142

    #ABRoadEatsCOS, if BBQ is on the menu I would recommend BZ’s BBQ ; and if it doesn’t get any better than that, it shares a patio with Rocky Mountain Brewery

  75. 143
    Jeremy Lyman

    AB, in SLC, here’s what you want to try:

    Go to Curry Fried Chicken (660 S State) and get the…. curry fried chicken.

    Go to 331 S Main, go into the storefront with the “Bodega” sign, ask if you can go downstairs. They will open a locked door and usher you down to a hidden full-service restaurant and bar. The menu changes, but everything is good. Get the bone marrow if they have it. Get the chicken.

    Taqueria 27 (149 E 200 S). Get some tacos! Try the mushroom, I promise. Also, try any or all of the special guacamoles.

    Bambara (202 S Main) Mussels & Frites. Chocolate Chip Turtle Cookie.

    Eva (right next to the Bodega mentioned above). Tapas. Get the steak bruschetta.

    Cooper Onion (111 E Broadway). Just get the charcuterie plate. Pray they have the Fourme Au Moulleux Bleu Cheese. If they do, you can eat it, then die. Life will have been worth it.

    You can’t come to SLC without trying the Kouign Aman at Les Madeleines (216 E 500 S)


  76. 144

    San #ABRoadEatsSF – if your in the mood for a great bar and some snacks check out White Chapel (great gin bar themed to look like UK subway). The owner also has another theme bar called Smugglers Cover with rum based drinks in a pirate ship hull.

  77. 145

    #ABRoadEatsNOLA You should definitely try to get dinner at O’Brien’s Grille. It’s on the other side of the river, but their crawfish boil risotto is out of this world. Seriously.

    Can’t wait to see you! Hubby got tickets for my birthday. 🙂

  78. 146

    #ABRoadEatsSLC Alton…you gotta go to Waffle Love for some real good waffles. Like…seriously one of my favorite things to eat…I might also recommend Sweet tooth fairy if you need emergency desserts. P.s. try some fry sauce if you get any fries.

  79. 148
    Wendi B

    #ABRoadEatsORL Pom Pom’s Tea House and Sandwicheria is awesome for late night eats. They’re open until 5am on Thursdays and 24 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They close at 10pm all other nights. Not sure what day(s) you’ll be in Orlando, but you should definitely check them out.

  80. 149

    In #ABRoadEatsDSM try La Mie for breakfast (French Bakery, outstanding) and Lucca (elegant) or RoCA (one fo “100 Best in America) for dinner.
    In #ABRoadEatsSTL don’t miss Gooey Louie! (Voted #1 St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake – the unique St. Louis confection).

  81. 150

    #ABRoadEatsORL bbq sandwiches such as The Rufus at Yellow Dog Eats and local craft beer from the Crooked Can Brewery in Winter Garden (both are found on the Western edge of Orlando)

  82. 152
    Dawn Nichols

    Must try the yummy cupcakes at Sugar Jones, Prime rib at Hoffman House and ANYTHING at Backyard Bar and Grill #ABRoadEatsRFD

  83. 153
    Dawn Nichols

    Must try the yummy cupcakes at Sugar Jones, Prime rib at Hoffman House and ANYTHING at Backyard Bar and Grill #ABRoadEatsRFD

  84. 154
    Mary Ouellette

    Colorado Springs,#ABRoadEatsCOS. Delicious Desserts. Check out her Facebook page. Delicoius Desserts Co. She has a speciality dessert mad with a sweet corn mousse, who would have thought!. Not only is her work beautiful, it is so delicious!

  85. 155
    Shelley DV

    #ABRoadEatsLAX Must try the pastrami dip at Cole’s in downtown LA on 6th. They say they invented the French dip sandwich. I don’t know if that’s true, but their pastrami is awesome and their homemade pickles pack just the right amount of spice.

    HOWEVER, my number one of all time pastrami is at Tommy’s Joynt on Van Ness at Geary in San Francisco. They slice thick buttery hunks of pastrami onto the roll right in front of you and it’s beautiful. And do try it with the mustard on the tables. #ABRoadEatsSF

  86. 156
    Jolene Marshall

    Venice, Florida. I highly recommend Upper Crust Cafe and Bakery! (Ohhhhh the bakery!) The only place in the area that has fresh baked scones with clotted-cream. All are made from scratch in the wee hours of the morning with locally sourced ingredients! Loosen your belt, forget your daily carb intake, and just indulge in the wonder of these tender, moist, sweet treats! Many flavors to choose from… it’s a local’s favorite hot spot! Located on the island of Venice. 213 West Venice Avenue.

  87. 157
    Kat Wakefield

    #ABRoadeatsDSM I saw someone said Zombie burger, eh they used to be good, prices have been getting higher and burgers smaller, stay far away from their poutine, you will die of a salt over load. ok for good food, Italian you must try Tumeas! best home style and beer the high life lounge, sneak next door and get some Iowa craft beer at el bait shop. For breakfast go to Gilroy’s, awesome food, bloody Mary’s & mimosas! For german food and imported beer (das boot!) try Hessen house. i could seriously keep going!

  88. 158
    Ryan S

    #ABRoadEatsBOI great lunch food and awesome people at Bleubird in downtown Boise or Lucky13 for pizza and beer in East Boise. Also, Fork has great drinks downtown for after the show.

  89. 159
    Dorothy Morris

    Nathaniel Reed Bakery is the best for pastries, Danish, croissant, etc. Rick Lewis’s Southern can’t be beat for hot fried chicken and charcuterie that will rock your socks off, including a fried bologna (baloney as I grew up saying) sandwich!

  90. 161
    Melodie Elder

    Best BBQ in the Rockies is Bird Dog BBQ #ABRoadEatsCOS. I love the funky joint atmosphere, plus you get great prices and lots of food! Pulled pork and brisket are the bomb!!

  91. 162
    Jessica Milton

    #ABRoadEatsBirm Feast and Forest has the most amazing breakfast, the Southern is great for lunch, and the Paramount’s food is delicious and they have a retro game room for late night fun.

  92. 163

    In St Louis, I recommend Sliderhouse, Katies Pizzeria(katie is doing amazing things with fresh local ingredients and homemade pasta) Shack for breakfast/brunch. There’s a mysterious place called 21st Street Brewhouse downtown which reminds me of a speakeasy and features the nosh from PW Pizza.


  93. 166
    Cammi Larsen

    I have four local favorites that don’t disappoint! For pizza, you can’t beat Litza’s downtown. It has been around for as long as I can remember and people come from all over to eat there! 716 East 400 South SLC My favorite breakfast spot is Silver Fork Lodge up Cottonwood Canyon. It is just 25 minutes out of Salt Lake. I love their hash browns and the Chile Verde Omelette. Looking out at the trees or being by the stone fireplace doesn’t hurt either. 11332 Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Brighton, UT 84121 Lastly, Archibalds in West Jordan (also 25 minutes out of Salt Lake) seems to do a lot of things right! Built inside a historic pioneer mill, they have the best halibut fish and chips anywhere! Their burgers on ciabatta bread (all in burger) is excellent – best mac and cheese – wonderful breaded lemon chicken. You can’t go wrong here, I can usually walk straight in. Expect way better than average food at average prices! 1100 West 7800 South, West Jordan, Utah The Garden Restaurant which overlooks the Salt Lake Temple is definitely a local favorite. You can come casual – but this is a fancier restaurant. Although, if you’re looking for braised short ribs over blue cheese pasta – stop in! It’s really, really good! 15 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah

    • 167
      Cammi Larsen

      Almost forgot! BEST sandwich place ever! A little market sandwich shop called Grove Market will leave you craving another sandwich for days after! Talk to people in line and they either went out of their way to come here or make sure to stop if they are every in Salt Lake. 1906 Main Street SLC UT 84115 At lunch time the line is going out the front door!

  94. 168
    Aimee Dulcie

    #ABRoadEatsORL -you need to taste : Se7en Bites ! The most delicious and intense southern brunch food! I have never seen someone finish their entire plate in the restaurant!!

    Also any good Orlandian will point you in the direction of “Four Rivers Smokehouse” for the best barbecue in town!

  95. 170


    For cookies, smiths bakery on union ave
    French bread, Pyrenees
    Mexican, Casa Munoz
    Chinese, Bill Lee’s Bamboo Chopsticks
    Basque, Wool Growers

    That’s all I can think of at the moment

  96. 172
    Becky Zumwalt

    #ABRoadEatsDallas- Pearl Cup Coffee is situated a little north of Dallas, Richardson in fact, its a great local coffee shop that’s off the beaten path but has excellent coffee and the pastries are all made in house. The beans come from a local roaster down the street. Quaint location, easy access from the freeway, excellent coffee and fantastic food… you can’t go wrong!

  97. 173
    Maria Hart

    #abroadeatsfortmyers try Cafe You. It’s in Cape Coral right near Fort Myers.amazing breakfast spot. Small Australian cafe. They get there coffee feahly roasted from a coffe roaater next door. You won’t be disappointed.

  98. 174

    #ABRoadEatsSLC Please try Ruby Snap cookies if you haven’t already done so. Also Ruth’s Diner, Pago, Koyo, Finca, Empanada Express, Oh Mai, Porcupine pub and Grill are all excellent and run the gamut of price and atmosphere. So take your pick!

  99. 179
    Brian Fallon

    Orlando, swing by Winter Garden, you stopped by briefly last year and had coffee at AXUM, now spend a little time, Market to Table with it’s rooftop hydroponic greenhouse and aquaculture, Plant St Market with Crooked Can Brwery, David Ramirez Chocolates, Euro Back World (German Baker) sushi, and AXUM roasters, along with a tea market, vegetarian bar, and a few others..

    In Orlando proper, Beefy King..

  100. 180
    Lysne Tait

    East Lansing, MI. Strange Matter Coffee Co., Golden Harvest, Bloom Coffee Roasters, Soup Spoon Cafe (good for breakfast and dinner), Lansing Brewing Company, Harry’s Place (actually in Lansing, but worth it – good beer, fried bologna…)

  101. 181
    Will Shields

    Although, it’s technically across the water, you should check out Iberian Rooster in St Pete. Brand new and I think it has your name all over it. #ABRoadEatsTPA

  102. 182

    There are so many! La Teresita on Columbus Dr. is a great Cuban place. Vallarta’s on 56th street near Busch Blvd is my favorite Mexican place. For German, there is Mr. Dunderbak’s Biergarten and Brewery on Bruce B. Downs. Taco Bus on Hillsborough Ave is a must. For a late night diner, I suggest Pop N Sons on North Dale Mabry. It’s open 24 hours, and the burger specials are really creative and tasty. I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting.

  103. 184

    #ABRoadEatsCOS Another possibility: El Taco Rey on E. Colorado Ave. The avocado pork burritos are legendary. But it’s a small place and there’s always a line.

  104. 185

    ABRoadEatsCOS Coffee: The Perk Downtown, about a block away from the Pikes Peak Center. Lunch and/or dinner: 2 choices–Poor Richard’s on North Tejon. Great pizzas and veggie-friendly sandwiches, plus an awesome toy store. Or Carbonella Creations on Circle Drive for fresh pasta and sauces, handmade daily. It’s a pickup window only, but it’s hands down the best Italian in town. For after the show, Phantom Canyon. Brew pub with a nice late night menu, and close to the Antler’s, if that’s where you’re staying.

  105. 189
    Suzanne Baker

    #ABRoadEatsLAN: Golden Harvest will be absolutely the best breakfast on your trip! A total diner/dive experience that always has waiting lines out the door, the best omelet combinations you could imagine, awesome pancakes, or lots of sandwiches, and it is all from scratch. You will love it!

  106. 190

    #ABRoadEatsCLE, when visiting Cleveland, you must go to Jack Frost Donuts (newly remodeled!!!). Their motto is “every batch from scratch” and they’ve been donut-making for like 80 years! Go early, when they sell out, they close down for the day, causing a single tear to roll down your cheek.

  107. 191

    CLeveland. Citizen Pie in Waterloo Arts district for the best pizza. Mister Brisket for the best corned beef. Slymans is for tourists, Mr. B is the real deal!

  108. 192

    #ABRoadEatsCOS: Need to check out Ivywild School (), a 1916 schoolhouse in Colorado Springs that now contains a multitude of local culinary goodness; if you can fit it into your schedule it’s well worth the trip.

  109. 193

    Specialty loose leaf tea shop in Denver — Steep Tea and Coffee. 8th avenue and Albion St. They probably have good coffee too… #ABRoadEatsDEN

  110. 196
    Laura P

    #ABRoadeatsGRB While in Green Bay, go to Vintage Cantina downtown. They have the best and most imaginative tacos in town! The tequila menu is great too.

  111. 197

    #ABRoadEatsCLE – Barroco, in Lakewood. Any arepa is a good arepa.
    Empress Taytu on St. Clair – best Ethiopian north of the Equator.
    Phnom Penh on W. 25th – fantastically face-melting Cambodian.

  112. 198

    While in L.A. check out Dino’s burgers in Lincoln Heights. There Pastrami is delicious! Their breakfast is served ALL DAY! The crazy chicken is their claim to fame, but the Pico location tends to get all the glory for that…but this place is a definite go to while in L.A. if you’re there in the afternoon Mauricio *Mario* will take care of you. George is the owner and one of the most genuine fellas you could ever meet!

  113. 199

    For a great brunch head to Blues Egg or HoneyPie cafe. For some great local vender small plate options try La Merenda or Storyhill BKC both are open for lunch and dinner. Balistreris Bluemound Inn for late night pizza or snacks (the white pizza is my fave!) Fuel cafe for coffee and a treat.

  114. 200

    #ABRoadEatsSTL You should try Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas on the Hill in St. Louis! The menu is half Italian and half Spanish (the family is from Spain) and everything is delicious! Their Paella a la Valenciana is outstanding! If you just want a snack their tapas are amazing also! 🙂

  115. 201
    Rick Burkemper

    #ABRoadEatsDSM – Tasty Taco is a must-eat. Their deep-fried taco shells are to die for, you won’t be sorry. Also I should take you to Zombie Burger as well.

  116. 203

    #ABRoadEatsMKE If you have time head North to Sheboygan. Tettra Stefano is voted the best Italian food in the state. Stefano also has a restaurant across the street called Field to Fork, incredible breakfast and some harder to find groceries in the attached store.

  117. 204

    #ABRoadEatsMSN Naples 15 just off the capital square. Southern Italian, Salvador the chef is from Naples, outstanding authentic food. The prices on the menu may be a little high until you see the portion size, the entrees come out in dishes that resemble family style eating for the single entree.

  118. 205

    #ABRoadEats2017IND More than excited for the Indy show, been a huge fan since I was a child! The Tamale Place is a great spot for a snack here in the Hoosier state.

  119. 206
    Lucas Jung

    #ABRoadEatsSEA Go to AFK Tavern, a bar and restaurant for geeks. They have two locations: the original up in Everett, and a second down in Renton. Everything is good, but the appetizers are truly amazing. Have the Dwarven Battle Bread (add bacon to make it even more amazing), the +1 Tater Tots, and the Bluth Cornballs.

    Also go to Berliner Seattle, which serves Berlin-style Döner Kebabs. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a Berlin-style style Döner, and this is the only place I’ve ever found in the U.S. which does them justice. For maximum authenticity, get the Berliner or the Kreuzberg, with lamb on fladenbrot. They have two locations, one on 1st St a few blocks south of the market, and another in the Westlake area.

    Finally, get some Pho and/or Banh Mi. Doesn’t really matter where: you can’t swing a dead cat in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area without hitting a really good Vietnamese restaurant.

  120. 207

    #ABRoadeatsSTL Come to Sugarfire smokehouse in olivette when you’re in St. Louis, we do classic bbq, house ground burgers, creative sides, and a variety of different specials every day. I’m the pit-master there and the way I think about food craft is largely inspired by your approach to cooking; it would be awesome if you ate something I had a hand in conceiving and preparing! Conversely there’s a great Vietnamese bistro a half mile from Sugarfire called dao tien, they have awesome food and great Vietnamese iced coffee if you’re into that sort of thing.

  121. 208
    Suzanne Brown

    Please visit our favorite place, Southern Hospitality, located at 13021 Bass Pro Drive. The food is wonderful, the service is attentive, and the adult bevvy’s aim to please.

  122. 210
    Anna B

    Junz in Parker for sushi and steak, and don’t forget the chicken wings! D Bar and Rioja of course, and Euclid Hallfoe the house made chips with oolong smoked duck and other things. Honey b’s macarons in Highlands Ranch–seriously, that’s all they do and boy do they do it well! Savory Spice Shop (multiple locations) for locally owned fresh ground herbs and spices. Chow Sun in Aurora for Filipino food, and Thai Flavor and Katsu Ramen while you are there. Don’t forget the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, which has been making all kinds of lists… Oh, and Jozi’s Shebeen in Parker for South African food. #ABRoadEatsDEN

  123. 211
    Jeanatan Carlisle

    #ABRoadEatsDavis When you’re in Davis, you must stop by Konditorei on Richards Blvd for the most amazing Austrian pastries you will find this side of the Atlantic. Konditorei was founded and is run by a Master Chef who makes incredible confections; the Vanille Cassis cake is my personal favourite, but I’ve never been disappointed and frequently been astounded by the inventive and delicious cakes and pastries they make in the kitchen in the back. For a more solid dining experience, check out Symposium for the best Greek food you’ll find anywhere within an hour’s drive, outside of the annual Greek convention in Sacramento. We’re so glad to have you in Davis!

  124. 212

    #ABRoadEatsORL for casual Cuban you MUST check out Black Bean Deli! They make a great cafe con leche as well. For late night eats in Orlando I can’t recommend Pom Poms Teahouse & Sandwicheria enough!!

  125. 213
    Josh Pratt

    Chattanooga, TN: Mean Mug Coffee Shop. Excellent food, coffee, and games. Also a great place to meet new people. Every Saturday we sit with someone new. Enjoy!

  126. 215
    Pamalee Brady

    In San Luis Obispo I recommend the Santa Cruz Taqueria on the corner of Johnson and Monterey. Great after show food.
    Coffee – Bella Mundo

  127. 216
    Shelly Suttles

    Charlotte NC has Amelie’s French bakery, 24 hours so if you’re just driving through, they’re open! In Houston I would recommend Sammy’s Wild Game Grill, parking is tight but where else are you going to get Rattlesnake fries? Tampa FL I recommend Datz Dough, every time I’m in town it’s Datchos and whatever else catches my eye.

  128. 218

    #ABRoadEats,SLC. Ruth’s diner at 4160 Emigration Canyon Rd. I get to this diner when I can, I don’t get back to SLC often, and now I have to remember to get reservations. Yes it is above the city, above the university, & even above Hogel zoo, but the drive can be relaxing as is the atmosphere there; and THE FOOD! It so good everyone goes there. breakfast is “Sky High Biscuits and Country Gravy”, or ” 3 Egg Omelet with Pork Green Chili”. If you are there for lunch ” Salmon BLT” or the “Reuben”. There is “Erick’s Raspberry Chicken” for dinner or “Meatloaf”, all fantastic, I hope you think it too when you done.

  129. 219

    I no longer live in Rockford, but have relatives there and every time we visit we have to make the rounds. A unique place in Rockford is Lino’s for casual dining. Great pizza, fish- the salad is awesome!- and an interesting atmosphere. Also Uncle NIck’s for gyros. It’s more of a stand and the place looks like a dive but the food is so good. So much meat, they aren’t skimpy. The Stockholm Inn for breakfast or brunch. Swedish pancakes are amazing! They have a cool oj machine too.

  130. 220

    Hey AB,
    When you’re in Saint Louis check out Seoul Taco & Piccione Pastry, both on Delmar in the Loop. Piccione also has great coffee in the morning & brunch on the weekend. I just made myself hungry… #ABRoadEatsSTL

  131. 221
    Jennifer S

    So many great spots. Not sure which secrets to reveal. *Muwah haa ha* Seriously #ABRoadEatsPDX Coava, Heart or any Barista location for coffee. Little t or Pip’s for pastries and donuts. (just gotta bring me a snack too) Food truck goodness: Hapa PDX Ramen, or Nong’s Khao Man Gai. Also the newer Pine Street Market is a great indoor spot. So excited for your PDX show: a gift to my husband for his 40th Bday.

  132. 226

    #ABRoadEatsPDX Sweedeedee’s for the best brunch in Portland. Also Cathedral Coffee for a nice cup of coffee and an orange sweet roll (or really any other pastry).

  133. 227

    #ABRoadEatsSF-I haven’t see no recommendation nor have I seen you eat egg custard tarts (aka dan tat). SF Chinatown is home to the famous Golden Gate Bakery which typically has lines of people trying to buy the tarts. Many time people wait hours. The shop is famous for being inconsistently open. They take frequent vacations that are supposed to last a week but can stretch to three months. If they’re open while you’re in SF, maybe someone will stand in line for hours and bring you some.

  134. 228

    it’s not exactly at one of the stops but in between #ABRoadEatsAUS and #ABRoadEatsDallas in Waco, TX. we have two coffee houses you might like if you’re driving through: Common Grounds and Dichotomy.
    -Andrew B

  135. 230
    Skip Whelan

    #ABRoadEatsBrasserie – located in Mammoth Lakes, CA and housed in the unlikeliest location (above a bowling alley – you won’t hear a thing though – I promise). Every table has a great view of the Sherwin Range.

    Executive Chef, Frederic Pierrel was born in the Alsace region of France. Classically trained in Gerardmer, France, he graduated with honors from Lycée Hôtelier et Culinairer. He has worked in several countries around the globe, gathering local tastes and learning traditions along the way. Fred is a self taught expert of mushrooms and hunts for them seasonally at every chance. Chef Pierrel knew he would be a chef from childhood. He learned of the terroir “of the earth” philosophy from his father: to enjoy the food of a region and use what is fresh and in the moment. Creativity comes easily when the food is the star and flavors are in full bloom.

    One of the few restaurants, at which we’ve dined, that doesn’t treat vegetables as an “afterthought”.

  136. 231
    John Gordon

    #ABRoadEatsJAX Maple Street Biscuit Company Fluffy biscuits with some of the tastiest toppings around. Fried Chicken, pecan smoked bacon, fried goat cheese, it’s all fresh and delightful. I do not work for them but I might sound like it! There’s a location two miles from the venue in San Marco.
    Alternatively, European Street Cafe is great if you’re in the mood for something different. A variety of German sausage to try, GREAT beer selection, sandwiches like Roast Beef with Boursin, Muffaletta, seven different Ruebens, and Pastrami & Swiss croissant to choose from. Lots of healthy options too. My wife likes the Liverwurst but I prefer a bowl of beer cheese soup with a roast beef and cheddar slider.

  137. 232
    David L

    #ABRoadEatsOrlando Try Black Bean Deli 1835 E. Colonial Dr near your stop at Dr Phillips Center. It’s the best Cuban food I’ve ever had. Heck, let me know I’ll buy your meal if your willing to eat with a fan. Look forward to the show in April. Your my favorite food network personality, I watch Good Eats daily.

  138. 234
    Shawn Dawson

    #abroadeatsdesmoines. For your consideration: Le Jardin. It’s in a quaint local district and combines local fresh foods with classic French fare. Thank you for coming to Iowa, and enjoy your tour.

  139. 235
    Chad Walber

    #ABRoadEatsGRB I know you’re a carnivore, so you should check out maplewoodmeats.com. They’re on the outskirts to the west of Green Bay. My dad and I will take our venison there for processing into sausage.
    Also as a Trooper (Tranplant Yooper) I should recommend thenaw.com. It’s where all of the Michigan Tech nerd gather in Green Bay to visit with one another. It’s a little piece of Houghton, MI in Green Bay.

  140. 236
    DeMita Torrans

    Definitely try MiCocina in Dallas. They have many locations but I prefer the one in Highland Park Village or Uptown. #ABRoadEatsDallas

  141. 238

    In between Salt Lake City and Boise there is a town called Brigham city that has a restaurant called Ricardo’s, very good especially Friday or Saturday night, they serve Carne Asada those nights. If you pass through in the morning, there is a restaurant in Garland called The Pie Dump that does fresh doughnuts that are amazing. Both are not too far from I-15. Wishing you good eats on your journey.

  142. 239
    Kathleen Cole

    Recommend Finn Town on Market St in San Francisco. New, casual, great food, slammin’ bar in the Castro. Decor outstanding!

  143. 240

    #ABRoadEatsFtMeyers Check out CRaVE. My favorite breakfast place. They have the best pancakes ever! Lots of other deliciousness as well.

  144. 243
    Michelle Muckenthaler

    On your drive from Denver to Colorado Springs, stop for doughnuts in Castle Rock at The Doughnut House. The guys are super friendly and the doughnuts are tasty. Wish you were here in August so you could have their peaches and cream doughnut with the best peaches in the world (Palisade, CO)

  145. 244

    I happen to know of a new doughnut shop opening in Jacksonville, FL named Good Dough. They’re slated to open some time in spring, and I am sure they would be honored to have you if their opening happens in time!

  146. 245
    Martin Atayan

    For you #ABRoadEagsCHI you should visit Hendrickxs Belgian Bakery! They are amazing and the most authentic bakery you will ever visit, also they have the best croissant landlord and I meant the BEST! Hope you can make it ( THEY ARE AMAZING)! I am only 13 but I am you biggest fan and hope you can come and see this wonderful place!


  147. 246

    For #ABRoadEatsPDX you should try180 Xurros & Xocolata on NE Broadway. It’s a tiny little storefront that sells the most wonderful churros. And I’m not talking your garden variety carnival churros. They’re freshly made to order and you can get them filled, chocolate covered, with dipping sauces…mmmmm….I may need to head over there this weekend.

  148. 247

    For #ABRoatEatsMSN, three places that do just one thing, and do it exactly right: Greenbush Bakery’s doughnuts, Teddiwedger’s Cornish pasties, and Paul’s Pel’meni’s, uh, pel’meni. More generally, there’s our classic diner Micky’s Dairy Bar, top-notch burgers from Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry, and of course Ian’s, the true home of mac-n-cheese pizza.

  149. 248
    Adam Conn

    #ABRoadEatsTPA San DIego, CA if you get a chance to go to the farmers market or the artisans in seaport village ( I really like the cheese monger) and also downtown provides some good food, but be picky where you go.

    • 249
      Adam Conn

      Also the breweries are pretty good. ( Stone Brewery {there is a bistro there too}, Modern times {coffee beer}, Ballast point, green flash, mission brewery , Acoustic ales to name a few)

  150. 250
    Tom Fisher

    #ABRoadEatsJAX if I go anywhere near Jacksonville again I would definitely go back to Safe Harbor Seafood Market & Restaurant it is some of the best seafood I have ever had.

  151. 251
    Jesse Nitzschke

    When you come to Sioux City, you would be crazy to miss out on Trattoria Fresco! The best Italian you can get in Iowa and a local friendly face. Plus, the owners are recent Italian immigrants! #ABRoadEatsSUX

  152. 256
    Brigette Anderson

    For Dallas, you’ll be downtown, so head over to Deep Ellum. It’s hard to go wrong there, but notables are Pecan Lodge (best brisket in town) and Cane Rosso (PHENOMENAL Neapolitan pizza). Also, if you get the chance, definitely visit some of the local breweries. Deep Ellum Brewing Co and Peticolas are both in the area.

  153. 260

    #ABRoadEatsSTL There are lots of great places in town! The Fountain on Locust, Schlafly Tap Room, Blueprint coffee, Fitz’s on Delmar, Mississippi Mud House coffee, Rooster, Bailey’s Range, just to name a few.

  154. 261
    Rachel A Marias

    Check out Golden Harvest for breakfast or lunch any day of the week. If you come on a weekend be prepared to wait at least an hour. Go with something from the specials board. Totally worth the wait. 1625 Turner St, Lansing, MI 48906. #ABRoadEatsLAN

  155. 262

    #ABRoadEatsFLL “Ceviche by the Sea”. I liked Ceviche before and have never found another place like this, it just isn’t the same without the proper Peruvian treatment!

  156. 265

    Best gyros and baklava ever for #ABroadeatsRFD at Uncle Nick’s. As for #ABroadeatsDSM,check out Zanzibar coffee and Alba Restaurant’s chefs table.

  157. 267
    Bex Tex

    No problem for you in Austin! Just close your eyes, point a finger in any direction and walk into the nearest “Austin Casual” joint. You won’t be disappointed.

  158. 268
    Bee Hill

    Go to Charleston, SC and eat at Butcher & Bee! Amazing Israeli/Mediterranean food with a southern flare. If it’s a nice day out sit on the patio under a tree. It’s lovely! You’ve got to try the whipped feta and falafel! And at dinner I swear everything is great, but my recommendation would be the Moroccan fish and grits. I work there and would love to meet you and introduce you to this incredible food!

  159. 269
    Steven Rehbein

    When over near Jacksonville Florida I can’t recommend one of my favorite places for coffee and biscuits enough, the Maple Stree Biscuit Company is simply phenomenal for both their coffee and biscuits. The Maple Tap coffee is particularly good and if you get to them earlier in the morning you can even see them doing fresh roasting right at the store, at least the one down on Racetrack road they do that. It just smells so heavenly! They’ve plenty of other options too but it’s a delicious place for some very Good Eats! #ABRoadEatsJAX

  160. 270

    #ABRoadEatsJAX Moxie has some amazing whimsical food. Sit at the chef’s counter to dine and watch the magic happen. We do and we end up just ordering whatever looks delicious coming out of the kitchen…which is a lot! Decisions, decisions.
    For an understated dining experience, Bowl of Pho has delightful Vietnamese food…best in Jax if you ask me. I have been going since it opened seven years ago and still frequently eat there because I know I can depend on having satisfying comfort food. (Asian food is my comfort food) My go-to orders are P1, B8, and the lotus root salad.
    And if you’re really hungry, 5th Element has an unbeatable Indian lunch buffet.

  161. 271
    Brigette Anderson

    When you’re in Austin, for breakfast or late night snacks after the show you should DEFINITELY try either 24 Diner or Kerbey Lane Cafe. I’ve never had anything at either which wasn’t excellent; however, as with anywhere there are some standouts. If you go with 24 Diner, get the Chicken and Waffles. They are the best example of that delicacy I’ve ever encountered (yeast raised waffle, locally sourced chicken and this brown sugar butter that is beyond addictive… get extra butter, you’ll thank me). If you do Kerbey Lane Cafe, definitely get some Kerbey Queso to start your meal. And their various seasonal pancakes are always a treat.

  162. 276

    If you are in Rockford Illinois, please check out Off The Wall Cafe in Rochelle Illinois. It’s a small 50’s style diner with delicious home made food. The chorizo is home made,’ and so are all the pies. My favorite is the chorizo con papas burrito with the house hot sauce. Lots of locals stop here for breakfast.

  163. 279

    Stella’s Spicy Cheese bread. Just… do it.
    Marigold Kitchen (just off the Capitol Square) for breakfast/brunch.
    The Old Fashioned (on the Square) for… a brandy Old Fashioned, and a step back to upper midwest supper club dining.
    I wish I could come to the show!

  164. 281
    Stewart Ridgeway

    #ABRoadEatsSEA You have to try the pizza at Tom Douglas’s restaurant, Serious Pie. The Penn Cove clam pizza is something else. Also, the Westlake Ave. Serious Pie serves breakfast. Biscuits and Gravy, fried green tomatoes, grits. Makes a Southern boy in the Pacific Northwest happy.

  165. 282

    In Bakersfield go to Mexicali for the chili verde and the patron margaritas on ice. Dewar’s for all your ice cream needs (I love the George’s Special and their marshmallow fluff is to die for). The Padré Hotel has fantastic food and a lovely roof top bar. Happy Jack’s for an Ortega burger and a slice of chocolate peanut butter pie! #ABroadeatsBakersfield

  166. 283

    In Salt Lake City, go to Ruth”s diner. Also red iguana is good. Always, stop at Banbury for a doughnut and if you want a good bar (for the food) the bayou. We are so excited to see you on the 31st!

    • 284
      Brigette Anderson

      I’ll boost the signal for Red Iguana. My husband and I visited last year while on vacation. Well, actually we went there 3 times during a 6 day trip and brought back 4 pints of various moles to have at home. #ABRoadEatsSLC

  167. 286

    In Bellingham for casual eats nothing beats Boomers drive in. Great burgers but the real great food is the waffle fries and milk shakes. Bellingham, WA: #ABRoadEatsBLI

  168. 287

    In Eugene Oregon you must eat lunch at Newmans fish market for fish and chips in willamette street and dinner is a must at Beppes and Gianni’s Italian it is amazing

  169. 289
    Shara Chess

    Wow, just saw the tour plan! San Luis Obispo!! We saw you in LA and then we moved up here. I’m so excited to see your show agian, thank you thank you for coming to our (new) little town. I live in a small beach town, Cayucos, across the street from the beach, down the HWY 1 between Morro Bay and Cambria. The new Cass House run by the sisters who own the famous Brown Butter Cookie Company, is fantastic! Dinner is tapas style, pizza oven roasted, it is wonderfully across the street from the Pier and especially magical at sunset. You bring the crew, we’ll provide the excellent central coast wine, we are 3 doors down from the Cass House.

  170. 290

    Denver: go to My Brothers Bar on the corner of 15th St. and Platte (it is right on the corner and doesn’t have a sign). They have really awesome burgers and the kitchen is open late. Euchlid Hall’s kitchen is also open pretty late and serves some tasty god house made sausages.
    Or if you have time for lunch, get dim sum at Star Kitchen. It’s the real deal with the little specialized carts.
    And go to Lik’s for ice cream, way better than Little Man (sorry Heather).

  171. 292

    Although it’s not a restaurant, you shouldn’t miss the chocolates at Peacetree Mountain Truffles on the west side of Indy. All their truffles are really unique and delicious, but the ones made with local Indiana Wines are fabulous! I mean, what’s not to like about wine and chocolate, right?? Linda #ABRoadEatsIND

  172. 293

    Artisan Cheese Company in Sarasota, Fl. It’s a cheese shop that does great lunches and cheese boards. Louise is a gem and really knows her stuff and she clearly lover what she is doing. #ABRoadEatsSarasota

  173. 294

    Swensons drive-in’s Galley Boy for the Akron style drive-in burger. Akron at one time had the most drive ins in the country outside of California due to the hills in Summit County making a rail system impossible so everyone needed a car. The closest one to CLE is in Seven Hills. #abroadeatscle

  174. 297

    I would try the Souper Market when you’re in Cleveland. Haven’t had a bad experience there yet: Mulligatawny, Chicken Paprikash, and Parmesan Potato & Kale are my favorites. The Green Apple salad is also highly recommended, if you can get past the soups! -Angie

  175. 298

    ABRoadeatsEVV: in Evansville there is only one place for pizza…. Turoni’s . Thin crispy crust is incredible. Cheesy breadsticks with pizza sauce for appetizer. Hope you make it there!!

  176. 300
    Patty Garcia

    Just a 1/2 hour North of Modesto and on your way to Davis I might add, is the beautiful town of Lodi. Never mind that Dan Fogarty wrote Stuck in Lodi Again after a visit, or that A&W opened the first Drive In Restaurant in 1919 and is STILL here, and never mind we have some of the best, award winning Wine and wineries in the Country….you HAVE to make a stop at A Moveable Feast. A gourmet food truck with the best food in the County. You will so glad you stopped by!
    Patty G

  177. 301

    Indaba in Spokane is awesome! The staff and the coffee shop has made a tremendous positive impact in our community. I would also recommend Retro Doughnuts for all your doughnut needs or maybe check out the Blackbird for lunch/dinner needs. Both places are most excellent! -Adria

  178. 302
    Tessa M Huff

    I recommend jitters for coffee/sunshine donuts and Soho kitchen in Sioux City. We love jitters’ donuts (not coffee drinkers) and soho has everything, including a huge bar and very good burgers. The diving elk is also a very good gastro pub. Small, local food menu with interesting beers. #ABRoadEatsSUX

    We’re originally from Eastern Iowa, so when you are in Iowa city, definitely check out java house. It is a local place, their extremely popular, especially with the university folk (there are at least 3 in the university hospital), and is worth the trip. #ABRoadEatsIOW

  179. 304
    Chris Carlsoon

    #ABRoadEatsBOI – Highlands Hollow for some great local old school Boise food! Barbarian Brewing for innovative and exceptional brews. I am happy to guide! #alwaysaskabartenderwheretofindthebedtfood

  180. 305

    #ABRoadEatsRFD Chocolat by Daniel, of course! Daniel is one of the most arrogant people I’ve met, but with chocolates that good it’s allowed.

  181. 306
    Jenny Sessions

    Lombardino’s. Italian if Italians were working with Midwest ingredients.
    Breakfast from the La Brioche pastry case. Morning bun from Clausen’s, closest to legendary Ovens of Brittany from days of yore. Pork buns from Umami, especially pork and spicy tofu. #ABRoadEatsMSN

  182. 307
    Michelle Gormley

    For an amazing bowl of housemade ramen, you need to go to King of Ramen and get the Spicy Tonkatsu.

    For street tacos and a huge list of housemade taqulias after the show, you have got to go to Borrachos.

    If you make a quick hop over to Coeur d’Alene, ID (roughly 30 mins from Spokane) head over to Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese.


  183. 308
    Kailey Giesler

    #ABRoadEatsGRB Chefusion, one of the top 10 restaurants to visit in Wisconsin! Monzu Bakery, there macarons are to die for!

  184. 309
    Heather A

    In Denver you have to go have drinks and food at Linger. Amazing street food from around the world located in the old O’linger Mortuary! Afterwards, grab some ice cream at Little Man just a few feet away. You can’t miss it, its in a supersized milk jug. #ABRoadEatsDEN

    In Seattle head 30-ish minutes south to Auburn, WA and have breakfast at the Sunbreak Cafe and enjoy their amazing banana bread! Or grab a sandwich in Seattle at Tat’s Deli. #ABRoadEatsSEA

  185. 310
    Matt Kachadoorian

    You have to try “Tandoori Night” in Fresno, CA! The Lamb Korma, Butter Chicken, and Garlic Naan are all phenomenal! Best Indian restaurant in Fresno! #ABRoadEatsFresno

  186. 311
    Leslie Bond

    Crab rangoon and whatever Short’s is on tap at Harrison Roadhouse, and an ice cream run to MSU’s Dairy Store! #ABRoadEatsLAN

  187. 314

    Maple Strret Buscuit is a fantastic breakfast (closed on Sunday). The best lunch in Jax is The French Pantry (M-F 11-2). Biscotti’s is my favorite for dinner, especially their desserts.

  188. 319
    Grant Carter

    When you are close to the Austin, TX area, head north a few minutes to Round Rock, TX to visit Round Rock Doughnuts. Freshly made daily, and some of the best in the world. Be advised, lines do get long but it is worth the wait.



  189. 322

    I recommend Oxford Exhange in downtown Tampa. They have incredible coffee, a lovely resturant (I recommend getting something here!), tea room, book store, and novelty items section all in one area. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re able!

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